About Pillars of Our Faith

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In 2010, 3ABN celebrated its 25th anniversary, choosing for its anniversary theme “The Pillars of Our Faith.” The kickoff event was set in the historic city of Battle Creek, Michigan, where singers, musicians, and choirs performed the first live performance of the Pillars of Our Faith album. These artists included songwriters David Huntsinger and Kristin Wilkinson, and singers Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Nathan Young, and two large choirs.

Building on the popularity of the first album, 3ABN released a second album, Pillars Hymns, in 2011. It featured a blend of familiar and lesser-known hymns, each highlighting various “pillar” truths of the Bible. In addition to some of the artists from the first album, Pillars Hymns also featured many more singers from 3ABN’s musical family.

3ABN Music released another new project called Celebrating His Birth in 2011, as well. Available in both CD and DVD formats, it features 12 fresh arrangements of beloved Christmas classics sung by Mark Trammell, Reggie and Ladye Love Smith, Darrell Marshall, Neville Peter, Allison Speer, and many other artists from 3ABN’s musical family. These also became instant favorites!

The 2012 release of the new music DVD, Majesty of Creation, features music from the original Pillars of Our Faith album, set against stunning high-definition nature footage of the snow-capped mountains of New England and British Columbia, and the impressive peaks of Zion National Park and Kauai.

About the Composers

David Huntsinger

David Huntsinger is an active pianist, composer, arranger and music producer who has contributed to the albums and live performances of a wide array of artists including: Wintley Phipps, Sandi Patti, Michael Crawford, Johnny Mathis, Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton and The American Boys Choir. He also arranged and produced a Grammy-winning album of hymns featuring Andy Griffith.

A passionate songwriter, David has collaborated with Bill and Gloria Gaither and Dottie Rambo, with whom he penned, "Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome," and the popular Christian children's musical, Down by the Creek Bank.

About his research and work for 3ABN's Pillars of Our Faith music CD, David says: "It has been a joy to delve into Adventist history, to explore the prophetic writings of Ellen White and other early figures, and to write songs that celebrate the foundational tenants shared by those who keep His commandments."

Kristin Wilkinson

Kristin Wilkinson has been a studio musician, artist, composer and arranger in the music business for the past 30 years. Her orchestrations have appeared on countless recordings in all popular genres.

Artists as diverse as Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, The Boston Pops Orchestra, Bill Gaither, and Andy Griffith have called on Kristin to enhance their records. She has had the privilege to orchestrate records for Danny Shelton and 3ABN since Danny and his daughter, Melody, recorded their first record in the 1980s.

Kristin was nominated for a Golden Globe award along with Marty Stewart and Larry Paxton for best musical score on the movie, All The Pretty Horses. She won Best Score, Premier Video Award for the movie, Prancer Returns, contributed two songs to the film The Great Debaters and has composed and orchestrated many other films, TV shows, and advertisements.

As a classical composer, Kristin debuted The Last Stand, a symphonic work of hope and redemption featuring Native American artist Bill Miller, in April of 2009.

Kristin has produced her own instrumental albums: The A Strings, Home for Christmas (Warner Bros.), Western Swing, Music for String Lovers (Provident Records), as well as the 3ABN release, For Every Kindred, Tongue, and Nation.

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